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Switching your energy supplier

If you are a business consumer, switching energy supplier or setting up a new account as soon as you move into new premises can make a big impact on cutting your bills
Whatever your business, the following hints and tips will help you when you’re comparing deals and switching to a new supplier

Talk to suppliers
Ask your own supplier if it has any better offers. This will give you something to use as a benchmark when looking at other deals. Note that if you are consuming energy on a default – or deemed – tariff, your supplier has an obligation to take all reasonable steps to tell you about other available contracts and how you can get information on these

Check your meter
Taking regular meter readings will help build up a picture of your consumption over time. You may need to know your consumption so that other suppliers can provide a quote for you
Your meter has unique registration numbers: the MPAN (meter point administration number for electricity meters) and MPRN (meter point reference number for gas meters). Give these to your new supplier. You can find them on your meter, as well as on your bill

Know your contract
Make sure you know the terms of your current contract.
For example, how long before your existing contract ends can you tell your supplier that you want to switch? Many contracts will only allow you to do this at certain times
When you are talking to a competing supplier ask them to explain the terms and conditions of their deal so you can make sure you fully understand them before you sign up
Most business deals do not offer a cooling off period (this is the option of cancelling a contract within a certain amount of days after it is agreed). This includes when you have agreed to the contract over the telephone. So be sure that you are fully happy with all the terms and conditions before you agree to it.
Further information on energy contracts for business consumers is available in our factsheet

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