Energy4 Values


  • To behave with integrity and honesty in all aspects of Energy4 dealings with customers
  • Energy4 will help all customers with


  • Are individuals who whilst they work for Energy4 should be treated with dignity, respect, and integrity that UK Law, European Law and United Nations Human Rights Laws cover
  • Each employee is respected as an individual and when able, to move towards more generous remuneration
  • Each employee to show a high standard of performance, transparency, ethics, civics, obeying laws where posted and allowing for whistle-blowing
  • Open whistle-blowing identifies integrity and respect for the Energy4 business, Energy4 staff and Energy4 customers
  • Energy4 to provide where possible job satisfaction, recognising that Energy4 is made of individuals
  • Energy4 to educate and train employees to make them more able for the tasks expected of them
  • Energy4 will promote from within


  • To display integrity and to be honest in all aspects of Energy4 dealings with suppliers


  • To maintain good and safe working conditions, above the industry norm, with an accent on cleanliness


  • To remain a private limited company
  • Not to go into any private partnership, share, fund, and/or board with any Utility Suppliers