Complaints procedure

Energy4 have a complaints procedure for you to follow to get your issues heard and resolved

Energy4 is a business and like any business Energy4 will expect complaints from customers who are dissatisfied with Energy4 services, but as with all forms of business, sometimes things can go wrong.

No business can have a perfect track record. Energy4 understands this and accepts that customers may be unhappy with our service, despite how hard Energy4 try. With this in mind, Energy4 have a complaints procedure for you to follow to speed up the way you can get your issues heard and resolved

Energy4 strives for the highest standards of customer service, however Energy4 recognise that issues will arise from time to time. Energy4 will always act in accordance with our written instruction, signed Terms & Conditions and information provided by our customers. Amendments made assume correct GAAP has been utilised within our customers accounting procedures

Should you wish to make a complaint please notify our Complaints Department in writing to 694 Yarm Road, Eaglescliffe, Stockton-On-Tees, TS160RN

Energy4 will acknowledge a complaint in writing within 2 working days of receipt, outlining our understanding of the complaint and requesting confirmation that this is correct

Please note any complaint relating to VAT apportionment must be accompanied by a written explanation from the customers’ accountant explaining the current utility VAT apportionment adopted by the accountancy practice

Energy4 will carry out a balanced and objective investigation without any pre-conceptions aimed at simply identifying the facts of the case

If the investigation has not been concluded within 2 weeks from the date of the complaint being received, Energy4 will advise you of the position and the reasons for the delay