Energy4 services help customers understand there right to find the best prices since the UK market deregulation of Telecom in 1992Gas in 1996 and Electricity in 1998 which many new customers still do not understand

Energy4 provides a list to businesses owners and domestic consumers can select utility suppliers based on locality, consumption and ability to pay bills.

Energy4 customers have a dedicated account manager who’s services will advise on utility matters for the duration of your contract, free of charge

Energy4 services provide knowledge and expertise, best represent our clients, successful working and negotiating relationship with national suppliers, competitive rates for business, commercial and industrial natural gas and electricity

Energy4 services are transparent, independent, competent, professional, progressive, and impartial with all suppliers and providing clients with the highest level of satisfaction at all times

Energy4 services help customers look for long term solutions with possible savings, not short-term limited savings that offer lowest headline prices

Energy4 services do not have geographic, size or supplier constraints; therefore we offer services to All Businesses, From Early Start-up To Multinationals

Energy4 agrees with as signed up to E-ON Third Party Intimate (TPIs) Code of Practice as part

Energy4 services help keep customers informed, helping customers with effective decisions on selecting the best fair priced utilities

Many businesses still select utilities based on history of using them in the past, customer loyalty has no value when selecting a utility supplier (e.g. Energy4 reduced a properties utility bill by £6000 GBP, when the property owner had been told repeatedly by a utility supplier that they were on the best rate and tariffs available and had customer loyalty discount)

Previously using utility suppliers can never guarantee the best prices and many utility suppliers will increase utility prices on contract roll-overs, but not inform there customers of this increase

Energy4 provides a transparent and non-bias business advise and consultancy brokerage to customers

Many utility suppliers are not transparent and have commercial bias towards specific or single utility suppliers

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