About us

Mission of Energy4

Energy4 assists customers, on their request, by comparing the market and locating the best tariffs, prices and contract solutions available for each specific customers utility requirements. Want to learn more?Click Here To Learn About Energy4

Who are Energy4

Energy4 is the trading name of Fourthcourt Ltd. Fourthcourt Ltd represents business interests of both Energy4 (A consultancy brokerage that advises companies on utility savings) Click Here to Learn More about the Who Is Energy4

Contract Review

Energy4 can negotiate to provide the most competitive price with suppliers on your contract, due to our supplier relationship. Incorrect contracts with excessive rates can be stopped. Customers have the right to review there contractual agreements and can demand a new competitive contract Click Here To Learn More About Contract Review

Bill & Account Validation

For potential business customers to receive bill validation & account reconciliation. Energy4 follows the following procedures with every business customer who requests a free account validation report Click Here To Learn More About Bill & Account Validation

Utilitiy Markets

Energy4 can provide advice on the Utility Markets Click Here to Learn More The Electricity & Gas Markets

Dedicated Account Manager

Energy4 provides a dedicated account manager who will provide each client with a high level of service they expect, with regular reports at all stages Click Here To Learn About Dedicated Account Manager

Combined Purchase

Energy4 can perform combined purchases for utilities. By aggregating and combining numerous businesses together as a cooperative, this combines volume of utilities, these combined volumes allow leverage, which allows greater economies of scale resulting in discounts that are passed to each cooperative business. Click Here To Learn About Combined Purhcase

Tariff Analysis

Currently customers pay higher tariffs for their utilities due to complexity of the  market, effort and time

Energy4 will identify concerns and find the most optimum tariffs structures and procure the best up to the date prices for your business

Potential customers are offered fixed price contracts for business, commercial and industrial utilities at competitive rates. No fees added

Click Here To Learn About Tariff Analysis


Energy4 services help customers understand there right to find the best prices since the UK market deregulation of Telecom in 1992Gas in 1996 and Electricity in 1998 which many new customers still do not understand Click Here to Learn More About Energy4 Services