Energy4 strategy

Energy4 stategy

Energy4 is business strategies are the means by which Energy4 strive to achieve its vision.

List of strategies that follow do not appear in any particular order of priority.

They should be read as a coordinated and coherent whole, as a group of strategies which, taken together, will enable Energy4 to achieve its vision.

  1. Energy4 to operate towards the leading edge of technology and to invest sufficiently in employees and equipment to ensure a high level of competence
  2. Aiming Energy4 services and goods to that sector that displays the best current growth and financial performance, having due regard to opportunism, local and existing customers
  3. Energy4 is committed to continual Quality Improvement that emphasises the accountability .of every employee to product and work-place quality
  4. Energy4 is committed to exemplary customer service, particularly with regard to ‘delivery to promise’ and our air towards ‘zero defect’
  5. Energy4 to seek closer relationships with our customers, leading in some cases to ‘Partnership Sourcing’
  6. To make it a delightful experience to be a customer of Energy4. Likewise endeavour for it to be a delightful experience to work for Energy4
  7. Continual cost reduction and efficiency improvements will be aggressively pursued by all
  8. Progressive improvement in financial performance and control of costs
  9. Profit to be re-invested in line with our policy of continual progress
  10. Every effort will be made to encourage team spirit with emphasis on employee involvement
  11. Vigorous and effective marketing of our services and products
  12. Seeking quality goods and services from our suppliers on a competitive basis while fostering long-term, mutually supportive, relationships with them
  13. Investment in training. Energy4 believe that a well-trained workforce will out-perform a company of untrained people no matter how much natural ability they may have